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Improving our Medical Waste Treatment Facility



We upgraded our treatment facility with a custom stainless steel washer and the Tri-Protection process. Combined with our high volume tunnel dryer, our system delivers the highest level of sanitation with:

  1. Heated disinfectant wash
  2. Pressurized nozzles that pivot for superior cleaning
  3. Heated sanitizing rinse

We invest in the latest technology to better serve you!


How to Sort Waste

What kinds of waste containers should you have? What are the rules for storing it before it is picked up and hauled away?

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Regulated Medical Waste

Regulated medical waste (RMW), bio- hazardous or infectious waste, requires special handling governed by regulation.

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Hazardous Waste

The handling of waste involves proper segregation and categorization. Learn what’s needed to properly manage it.

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Pharmaceutical Waste

Explore our content on pharmaceutical waste. How to sort it, package it and handle it in accordance with applicable regulations.

Alabama Waste Management Topics

Read our articles covering waste handling topics specific to the state of Alabama where rules mandated by regulations are in place.

Waste Handling Compliance and Regulatory Topics

The most important priority for any business is to understand the compliance rules surrounding any waste your company generates. Explore our library of waste compliance related articles.


Trusted By Hospitals, Medical Practices and Industries throughout the Southeast


Capacity to handle large volumes of waste.

“TriHaz Solutions is able to competently handle the large volume of waste produced by our hospital system. They are efficient and timely, and we trust them to do what they say they will do.

David Crump
Director of Environmental Services
Huntsville Hospital System

A smooth transition to better service.

“We switched to TriHaz Solutions from a larger, national company. The transition was smooth and managing our medical waste has become much easier. Best of all, the service is great and fees are reasonable. Their drivers are friendly and courteous, which is an added bonus. We’re glad we made the switch.”

Mike Short
Director of Safety & Environmental Services
Maury Regional Medical Center

Small customers receive professional, personable attention.

“We are a smaller customer, requiring a pickup only every other week or so. However, we are treated as a valued customer and appreciate the timely, dependable service we receive.” 

Dr. Allen Campbell
Medical Director
QuickCare Clinic

Huge savings on waste service.

“Frankly, it was embarrassing. We had been paying for containers to be in all of our facilities; but in three years, they had never been picked up because they weren’t full. TriHaz put me on a program that saves us 75% per container . . . and they actually pick up the waste!”

Happy Tennessee Customer

Responsiveness and bundled services.

“The Orthopaedic Center has 21 locations across Alabama and Tennessee, and TriHaz Solutions has managed our medical waste for several years. They are very responsive – “Johnny-on-the-spot” whenever I need to add a service or have a question! Before TriHaz, we had to use several vendors for our different locations, and with their bundled services, we can include secure document destruction. This is much more efficient, with one pickup and one invoice. Plus, we have no worries about compliance since our waste is being properly transported, treated, and disposed.” 

Jeremy Gaertner
Clinical Director, The Orthopaedic Center (TOC)