We’re a local company that’s large enough to handle the job and yet small enough to genuinely care about our customers.

With deep experience in the waste industry, our team is driven to serve the customers in the communities where we work and live. We’re also concerned about the negative impact of improperly handled medical hazardous waste, and we want to do our part to lower risk―both to people and to the environment.


Benefits of Working with TriHaz

  • Assurance your waste is properly handled — we are compliant with all federal and state regulations and guidelines for the transportation, treatment, and disposal of medical waste.
  • No pricing surprises — we offer simple, transparent invoicing.
  • Reduced risk — our compliance training services help educate your employees.
  • Protection of Personal Health Information (PHI) — our secure destruction services safely eliminate documents.
  • Local treatment facility —we transport your waste within a smaller geographic footprint.
  • Highest quality autoclave — our BONDTECH™ TEC Composite Curing Autoclave is extremely reliable.
  • Professional, local team — we are readily available to resolve your issues quickly and professionally.

Why Choose a Local Waste Service Provider

  • Reduced liability —  your medical waste will be on the road for a shorter period of time reducing your waste's life cycle and your facilities liability.
  • Increased flexibility —your facility can easily add additional pickup or treatment services when fluctuations in waste activities occur.
  • Reduced pain points — having one point of accountability for the transportation and treatment of your medical waste will help reduce your pain points, while giving you the assurance that your medical waste is being properly handled and treated.
  • Better accountability — you will have peace of mind knowing your medical waste is being transported and treated by a single, reliable provider.
TriHaz Solutions Service Area
TriHaz Solutions All in One Compliance Suite

Value-Added Resources Our Customers Receive

  • Medical waste management plan template
  • Compliance training
  • Compliant waste process development
  • Hands-on waste handling training

Want More Information?

Fill out our online form or call us at (256) 464-2546, and we will be glad to help you.

Meet a few of our top sales representatives—our customers.

”TriHaz Solutions is able to competently handle the large volume of medical, chemical, and pharmaceutical waste produced by our hospital system. They are efficient and timely, and we trust them to do what they say they will do.”

David Crump
Director of Environmental Services, Huntsville Hospital System

”We use TriHaz Solutions for disposal of flammable liquids. Besides the fact that they are reliable and easy to do business with, we have no worries about proper handling and disposal after the hazardous waste leaves our laboratory.”

Mark A. Evans
Client Services Coordinator, Pathology Associates

”We are a smaller customer, requiring a pickup only every other week or so. However, we are treated as a valued customer and appreciate the timely, dependable service we receive.”

Dr. Allen Campbell
Medical Director, QuickCare Clinic