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Bundled Services

One vendor. One invoice. one visit.
Less Risk. Less Hassle. Less Disruption.

“With their [TriHaz Solutions’] bundled services, we can include secure document destruction. This is much more efficient, with one pickup and one invoice.”  

Jeremy Gaertner, Clinical Director, The Orthopaedic Center (TOC) 

Total TriHaz℠ Medical Waste + Secure Document Destruction + Pharma Waste

Add pharmaceutical waste to your RMW and Shred services and get a 15% discount. TriHaz is a licensed contractor for the proper management of any pharma waste, including:

  • Hazardous pharma waste
  • Non-hazardous pharma waste
  • Trace chemotherapy waste

Are you properly managing pharma waste? This category of waste is one of the more complex in terms of the regulations and procedures that govern its proper segregation and disposal. For example, all pharma waste must be incinerated for proper disposal and you should receive a manifest that shows exactly where your pharma waste was taken, as well as a certificate of destruction. Check your files. Ask questions. Call us if you need help.

Tri-Complete℠ Medical Waste + Secure Document Destruction

Combine your RMW service with our shred services and get a 10% discount. Our easy and convenient scheduled pickups help insure data security. Your confidential documents are:


  • Handled and/or picked up by our uniformed service representative
  • Placed in a locked container
  • Securely locked in one of our trucks
  • Transported to our secure facility
  • Shredded in accordance with NAID standards
  • Certificate of destruction provided for complete security and compliance

TriHaz Exchange℠ Reusable Sharps & Medical Waste Containers

A safe and sustainable sharps and medical waste management system to protect staff and patient safety. Each reusable system is customized for your needs and may include:

  • 2 gal and 3 gal reusable sharps containers
  • 10 gal and 17 gal reusable sharps containers
  • Chemotherapy waste containers
  • Non-hazardous waste containers
  • Transportation cart/Floor Dolly
  • Pickup and exchange of containers
  • Proper treatment of waste
  • Certificate of destruction

After we dispose of the waste inside the containers, they are sterilized at our medical waste treatment facility, before being returned into inventory for reuse.

Tri-Sharp℠ Disposable Sharps Management System

Tri-Sharp℠ is the safe, economical sharps disposal system for small quantity generators such as dentists, funeral homes, veterinarians, and tattoo shops. Less handling means less risk.

Each system includes:


  • One 18 gallon hazardous waste box (can be used for regulated medical waste)
  • Four 2 gallon sharps containers per box
  • Pickup (annual or will-call)
  • Proper treatment of waste
  • Proof of disposal

*Ask about our one-time purge service with no hidden fees or charges. Cost is based only on the number of containers you fill.*

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