What Do Hospitals Do With Medical Waste?

What Do Hospitals Do with Medical Waste

As a key aspect of healthcare operations, the management of medical waste is a critical responsibility for hospitals. Handling medical waste safely and effectively is vital to ensure the safety of healthcare workers, patients, and the environment. We dive into the various steps and measures hospitals take to manage medical waste, highlighting the importance of […]

When is Medical Waste Most Hazardous?

When is Medical Waste Most Hazardous

Medical waste poses significant health and environmental risks if not managed properly. Comprising a wide range of materials, from used needles to contaminated dressings, it’s essential to understand when this waste is at its most hazardous. We discuss the lifecycle of medical waste where the hazards are greatest and emphasize the importance of proper waste […]

How to Reduce Medical Waste

How to Reduce Medical Waste

Medical waste, also known as healthcare waste, includes all waste generated in healthcare facilities, laboratories, and related establishments. It encompasses a wide range of materials, from used syringes to discarded surgical gloves, and poses significant challenges for both public health and the environment. Reducing medical waste minimizes these risks and promotes sustainable healthcare practices. How […]

What are the Different Types of Medical Waste?

What are the Different Types of Medical Waste?

At Trihaz Solutions, we recognize the critical importance of correctly identifying and managing various types of medical waste. In this blog, we look at the different categories of medical waste and highlight the unique handling and disposal requirements for each. This knowledge is vital for healthcare facilities to ensure compliance with regulatory standards and maintain […]

Who Regulates the Medical Waste Disposal Industry?

Who Regulates The Medical Waste Disposal Industry

Proper management and disposal of medical waste is a critical aspect of healthcare that helps safeguard the environment and public health. Trihaz Solutions takes a look at the complex regulatory framework governing the medical waste disposal industry in this article. Our focus is to guide healthcare and research facilities, compliance professionals, and other stakeholders in […]

How to Dispose of Medical Waste

Medical Waste Treatment Facility

The disposal of medical waste is crucial for public health and environmental safety. This process is essential in various settings, from hospitals to home healthcare. Managing medical waste responsibly is a legal and moral obligation. Here are the steps and methods used to dispose of medical waste effectively and safely. Understanding Medical Waste Medical waste, […]

Where Does Medical Waste Go

Medical waste, including items like syringes, bandages, and discarded medicines, poses significant health risks if not disposed of properly. Originating from various healthcare settings, including hospitals and laboratories, this waste requires meticulous handling to ensure public safety and environmental protection. The process of medical waste management is a complex journey involving several key steps from […]

Alabama Medical Waste Management Plan Requirements

Alabama Medical Waste Management

A medical waste management plan is the foundation of a compliant handling and disposal process. Medical waste is regulated primarily by state environmental and health departments. The agency that oversees medical waste management in Alabama is the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM). Requirements for medical waste management can vary by state and can change, […]

How an RMW Treatment Facility Streamlines CoD Management

TriHaz Solution Autoclave

This is the final article in our three-part series on CoDs and Chain of Custody Protocols. When a medical waste generator uses a waste services provider that has its own treatment facility, there are specific implications for Certificates of Destruction (CoDs). Besides the obvious risk mitigation due to the waste not being transported long distances, […]

Medical Waste Chain of Custody Protocols

medical waste chain of custody

This is the second article in our three-part series on Compliance and Chain of Custody Protocols.   Medical waste chain of custody protocols are a set of procedures and documentation that track the handling, transportation, and disposal of medical waste. The tracking is from the point of generation to its final treatment and disposal. These […]

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