Case Study: A Convenient Solution for a Busy Medical Practice


Huntsville-Pediatrics-LogoHuntsville Pediatric Associates (HPA) needed a medical waste service provider that was easily accessible and more presentable when picking up their waste. TriHaz Solutions met this need since they are a local company with a professional, reliable team.

Since switching to TriHaz Solutions, HPA has been able to conveniently handle unexpected waste overflow by directly requesting an earlier pickup with their designated account manager. This flexible scheduling that TriHaz Solutions offers its clients has made HPA’s medical waste management simpler.

In addition to handling their medical waste weekly, TriHaz Solutions also provides HPA with peace of mind that their confidential and sensitive documents are completely destroyed with TriHaz’s secure document destruction services.

“They have quick, fast service and are easily accessible [when requesting a pickup] when there is an overflow of waste sooner than expected.”

Meaghan Harbin
Asst. Office Manager & Lead Nurse

The Challenge

The Huntsville Pediatric Associates team was previously using another medical waste management company that wasn’t local. When asked about challenges she had with the previous company, Meaghan Harbin, assistant office manager and lead nurse at HPA, says that “I don’t even know anybody from the other company, it was just an automated system. I always had to call and wait on hold."

She also mentioned that the previous company’s staff did not have a professional appearance. They were in need of a more professional medical waste management service provider that was readily available at all times.

The TriHaz Solution

When searching for a new waste management partner, TriHaz Solutions stood out to Huntsville Pediatrics because of their honest, upfront pricing. TriHaz was also very professional and personable, which led the HPA team to have confidence in them.

Since the transition to TriHaz, they have never experienced a problem with the team missing a pickup, even if it was unexpectedly scheduled on the same day. Mrs. Harbin gives the following example of TriHaz’s flexible scheduling, “We had an overflow of sharps on Wednesday, and they usually come on Fridays. But I called TriHaz and they came that same day and there were never any issues.” Being able to call or email an account manager on short notice and receive a prompt response is the ideal style of communication for this busy medical practice.


The Verdict: Would They Recommend TriHaz Solutions?

Since using TriHaz Solutions to manage their medical waste and secure documents, HPA has had a painless experience. Mrs. Harbin says she would recommend working with TriHaz Solutions because it’s hassle-free. She says, “ They have quick, fast service and are easily accessible [when requesting a pickup] when there is an overflow of waste sooner than expected.” TriHaz Solutions has proven to be the most convenient solution for this medical practice.