COVID-19 Waste Packaging Guidelines

Regulated Medical Waste

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), medical waste that may be contaminated with COVID-19 should be disposed of using routine Regulated Medical Waste disposal procedures. Here’s how to properly package waste.

Place regulated medical waste or closed DISPOSABLE sharps containers into the red bag and properly tie off the bag.

how to tie a gooseneck knot

Bags require a very secure knot; preferably a hand-tied gooseneck knot.

red bag gooseneck knot

Medical waste placed inside of boxes should not be visible once the outer container has been closed.

RMW placed inside containers should not be visible. Do not overfill! 

Do not overfill bags and containers by attempting to compress waste with hands, feet or by any other means.  Once a bag is placed inside of another container, allow enough room to safely close and seal the outer container. The inner container should not be visible once the outer container has been closed.

Hazardous Waste Handling Compliance Training


Now more than ever it is important that all employees who handle regulated medical waste, the could be contaminated with COVID-19, understand their responsibilities to keep themselves and others safe.

The CDC says COVID-19 contaminated waste requires no additional special handling but are your employees following the standard guidelines? Do they understand the rules? Now is a great time to take a moment to find out.

Use the  resources we’ve provided here to examine the training compliance guidelines and make sure your organization is following them.