Due Diligence: The First Step in Proper Hazardous Waste Management

It’s fair to say that everyone wants a safe, healthy environment. No question. And savvy businesses follow best practices for sustainability and environmental health, especially when it comes to proper waste management.

Most of the time, the waste management procedures in place are adequate. But what happens with hazardous waste disposal? Do the same rules apply? The answer is no and it’s more complicated than most businesses know.

If you’re one of those organizations that has hazardous waste disposal needs, you should be informed about proper measures. It’s a good idea to do some due diligence to understand if your vendor has the proper credentials. Some companies are surprised to learn that they also have some liabilities when it comes to the disposal of certain materials.

There is also the matter of accurate reporting when it comes to hazardous waste disposal, and you need experts who can identify and comprehend the intricacies of a waste management cycle. These industry experts need to make sure that the information being reported is accurate and that all the waste being managed at their client sites is in sync with the legislation of the designated state.

We believe that better informed businesses make better choices so we’re sharing some critical points that could significantly improve hazardous waste management solutions for the environment and for you.

It all starts with licensing

Most organizations that utilize hazardous waste vendors don’t realize that some of those companies don’t have the appropriate licensing to dispose of every type of material. They also may have other credential and licensing issues which should prevent them from working for you but they aren’t aware of—or ignore—regulations.

Often times businesses add different types of waste to their disposal needs but fail to check whether their waste management vendor is licensed to handle it. This leaves both you and the waste management provider in vulnerable positions when it comes to compliance.

Waste management companies’ customers may not be aware of responsibilities

When it comes to hazardous waste management, it’s a good idea for businesses to check the credentials of those vendors providing the disposal services. Too many businesses make the assumption that the vendor is solely liable for mistakes made in disposal situations, but that’s a false belief.

Businesses outsourcing their waste are responsible for the waste from the time it leaves their facility until its final disposal. Asking the right questions will help ensure that waste is appropriately managed, and you are free of any liabilities.

Proper disposal allows for risk mitigation and peace of mind

Businesses should understand that finding a proper disposal service reduces their liabilities and risks for a problem to occur in the community or in the surrounding environment. It’s important to find a company that conducts safe practices and meets strict legal compliance restrictions that allow for peace of mind for both your company, and those who are in the area. Before choosing a hazardous waste disposal service provider, make sure that they do their due diligence to serve your waste management needs and protect your business.

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