Case Study: An All-In-One Hospital Waste Solution


huntsville-hospital-logoAs the second-largest hospital in Alabama, it is imperative that Huntsville Hospital System's medical and pharmaceutical waste is handled to regulatory standards, both internally and externally. To ensure reduced liability as a waste generator, Huntsville Hospital needed a solutions-based waste service provider.

Huntsville Hospital partnered with TriHaz Solutions for their waste management needs because they are easy to do business with, professional, and knowledgeable on federal and state regulatory standards. Now Huntsville Hospital has peace of mind and reduced liability. This partnership has resulted in a more efficient workflow for Huntsville Hospital since the TriHaz Solutions team provides a consistent, unobtrusive pickup routine and flexible scheduling.

TriHaz Solutions performs three waste pickups a week at Huntsville Hospital's largest location, which generates over 18,000 gallons of medical and pharmaceutical waste per week.

”Dealing with the previous provider, we'd have a different driver almost every time. I'd have to stop what I was doing and show them how to get to the lab.”

Darryl Lake
Operations Manager for Environemntal Services

The Challenge

Huntsville Hospital has always tried to use local waste management companies. However, the ones they used in the past were bought out by a national company who did not meet their expectations. The first issue they had with using a national company was that their medical waste was transported out of state, instead of being handled locally. This increased their liability for the waste and inconvenienced them if they were in need of an additional pickup. They also experienced issues with their previous waste service provider not cleaning the waste containers properly, which is required in order to remain compliant with regulatory standards.

Darryl Lake, the operations manager for environmental services at Huntsville Hospital, says that another issue with their previous company was having a different person show up for each pickup. This meant they were unfamiliar with the building and the routine. He says, “We’d have a different driver almost every time. I’d have to stop what I was doing and show them how to get to the lab. It was really time-consuming.”

The TriHaz Solution

After having multiple issues with their previous waste management company, Mr. Lake and his team decided it was time for a change. He says, “We wanted to cut our medical waste troubles. So we were able to partner with TriHaz, and it's been a wonderful partnership thus far.”

When asked to describe the transition process he says, “[The TriHaz Solutions team] listened to what our concerns were, what we needed, and offered solutions that could be a cost-saving to us. They were very involved in the transition. We were able to transition over smoothly.”

The benefits that The Huntsville Hospital System receives from partnering with TriHaz Solutions include their waste being transported to a local treatment facility, flexible scheduling, and open communication with a designated account manager. Mr. Lake says, “We work with companies who are local...and that’s what TriHaz represented. You have the opportunity to speak with the president or the manager of the company right away as opposed to [larger companies] where you don’t have a relationship with anyone. With TriHaz, it represents more of a partnership."

After switching to TriHaz Solutions, Huntsville Hospital no longer had to deal with waste containers that weren't cleaned. TriHaz’s double cleaning process ensures that all containers are thoroughly sanitized to regulatory standards.


The Verdict: Would They Recommend TriHaz Solutions?

TriHaz Solutions has taken a seamless approach to handling Huntsville Hospital’s waste, and the impact has been noticeable. When asked if he would recommend TriHaz Solutions to colleagues, Mr. Lake says, “I would certainly recommend TriHaz to anyone. I have found them to have a great deal of integrity about what they say they’re going to do. They actually do it. They are people who are knowledgeable about the industry, the rules, and being compliant.”

He continues, “I have found them to be helpful...they’ve always been there when we needed them. They have done an outstanding job for us and I’d recommend their services to anyone.” TriHaz Solutions is a local company that is capable of handling the medical and pharmaceutical waste generated by the second-largest hospital in Alabama, as well as equiping them with the compliance training solutions they need.