Regulated Medical Waste Services  (RMW)

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We are a licensed medical waste contractor for the proper management of regulated medical waste (RMW). Generally, RMW is healthcare waste containing enough blood or other potentially infectious materials (OPIM) to spread disease. 

“We switched to TriHaz from a larger, national company. We’re glad we made the switch.”

Mike Short, Dir. of Safety & Environmental Services, Maury Regional Medical Center  

Free Printable Waste Handling Guide

Get access to our free printable guide for sorting medical waste into the correct containers. A visual guide helps avoid mistakes and keeps medical waste organized and properly stored until it’s time for it to be picked up. Help your employees stay on top of the game.

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Your Community Partner, Helping You Reduce Risk

TriHaz Solutions is a partner in the communities we serve. Our team is fully engaged to support healthcare organizations with custom solutions and fair pricing. Our better-than-industry standards start with technology investments and chain-of-custody protocols that deliver a seamless, one-stop solution for managing medical waste.


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Reduce Risk with Fewer Vendors and Less Handling

TriHaz offers one source for pickup, treatment, and disposal of regulated medical waste. Our state-of-the-art medical waste treatment facility delivers the highest standard of sterilization, meeting and exceeding the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and state environmental agencies’ regulations and standards. Your facility’s liability increases with every extra mile your waste has to travel. Our convenient location in Huntsville, Alabama means less time on the road, which further reduces risk.








*When combined with our pharmaceutical waste management program and secure document destruction services, we offer even more of a “one-stop solution” that delivers one vendor, one invoice, and one visit . . . which adds up to less risk and disruption for your office and a more manageable process.

Reduce Risk by Knowing the Location of RMW and Who Has Handled It

Scheduled, Routed Pickups, Flexibility

Consistent Pickup Process

Manifest, Receipts, Certificate of Destruction

Bar Code Scan at Every Touchpoint

Convenient, Online Customer Portal

GPS Tracked Fleet

Reduce Risk by Knowing Rules of Compliance


How long do you store medical waste? Best practice is that regulated medical waste should be removed at least every 30 days. Routine pickups are considered a best practice for managing RMW. Most facilities adhere to at least a monthly, if not a more frequent, schedule. As facilities like yours continue to manage unpredictable schedules and take added precautions due to the Covid-19 situation, TriHaz provides flexibility and dependability.


In addition to our waste service offerings, we provide you and your employees with compliance training and regulatory resources. It’s another way we reduce your risk and protect your employees. We help ensure compliance with federal and state regulations and guideline in the following areas: OSHA, DOT, EPA, HIPAA, and local regulations. Avoid possible fines and keep your employees safe with safety audits and training through our convenient, online training.


Learn the rules and your obligations


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