Medical Waste Disposal During Natural Disasters

Medical Waste Disposal During Natural Disasters

Disposing of medical waste is a critical component of healthcare operations, ensuring the safety and health of patients, healthcare workers, and the general public. However, during natural disasters such as hurricanes and tornadoes, the challenges of medical waste disposal are magnified. This article by TriHaz Solutions explores the complexities of managing medical waste during such […]

Medical Waste Disposal in Remote Areas

Medical Waste Disposal in Remote Areas

Medical waste disposal presents a significant challenge, especially in remote areas where there is limited access to infrastructure, resources, and specialized disposal facilities. These regions face unique hurdles, including inadequate waste management systems, scarcity of trained personnel, and reliance on rudimentary disposal methods.  These challenges pose severe health and environmental risks. Addressing them is critical […]

Defining and Identifying Medical Waste Streams

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Are you properly segregating your medical waste? Your medical facility produces several types of waste streams, and you need a full understanding of what goes into each category to make sure they’re handled properly. Regulated medical waste is a catch-all term that covers the items that fall under federal and state disposal regulations. Some regions […]

The Issue with Medical Waste Roll-Offs

Medical Waste Roll Off

In the realm of healthcare, efficient and safe disposal of medical waste stands as a cornerstone of environmental stewardship and public health protection. However, the widespread use of medical waste roll-offs, a once favored solution for their perceived convenience and cost-effectiveness, has become increasingly scrutinized. Trihaz Solutions takes a look at the complexities surrounding these […]

What Color Bins for Radioactive Medical Waste?

What Color Bins for Radioactive Waste?

In the demanding world of healthcare, managing medical waste with precision is paramount for safety and compliance. This article, by TriHaz Solutions, delves into the essential practices for disposing of one of the most hazardous categories: radioactive medical waste. Highlighted by its distinctive yellow bins, marked with the universal symbol for radioactivity, this waste includes […]

How Medical Waste is Treated

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Due to its potential to carry infectious agents, medical waste requires careful handling and treatment to prevent environmental contamination and protect public health. This article, by TriHaz Solutions, outlines the process of medical waste treatment, focusing on the methods employed and considerations necessary for safe disposal. Pre-Treatment Processes The pre-treatment process is a critical step […]

How Much Medical Waste is Produced Each Year?

How much medical waste is produced each year?

In an era where efficient and skillful healthcare delivery is more critical than ever, medical advances and improvements technology are fueling industry growth. As the healthcare industry continues to grow, medical waste production has become a significant concern. As healthcare providers strive to offer the best in patient care, the byproduct is a considerable amount […]

What Happens to Medical Waste After Surgery

What Happens to Medical Waste After Surgery

In the high-stakes setting of surgery, the focus is rightfully on patient care. Operating rooms are sterile, organized, and controlled environments. However, an often overlooked, critical aspect is the management and fate of medical waste generated during surgical procedures. In this article by Trihaz Solutions, we’ll discuss the journey of surgical waste from the operating […]

How to Dispose of Liquid Medical Waste

How to Dispose of Liquid Medical Waste

As a part of TriHaz Solutions‘ commitment to sharing expertise in healthcare waste management, this article aims to provide a comprehensive guide on the disposal of liquid medical waste. Proper disposal methods are crucial for ensuring environmental safety and compliance with regulatory standards. Disposal Methods for Liquid Medical Waste The disposal of liquid medical waste […]

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