Ongoing Scheduled Shredding Service



TriHaz Solutions’ scheduled shredding service provides organizations with the most convenient and secure way to dispose of important information. TriHaz will work with you to create a custom security plan that best meets your needs.

Reduce Risk with TriHaz Solution’s Scheduled Shredding Service

Medical practices and facilities need to be able to trust that their shredding service will protect them from data breaches and comply with all applicable laws. They also need a partner who can grow with them as their business changes and evolves. That’s why TriHaz offers an ongoing shredding service for offices of all sizes. Our team is experienced in working with businesses to create a customized shredding plan that meets their unique needs.

Scheduled shredding service for businesses is the most secure and reliable way to ensure you stay fully compliant with all state and federal regulations. With our regularly scheduled collections, your confidential waste will be disposed of in the most secure manner possible.


Easy Scheduling


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Certificate of Destruction

The Benefits of Ongoing Scheduled Shredding Services

Maintain Data Security

One of the most significant benefits of any type of shredding is that it protects information till the end of its useful life. Secure shredding services provided by TriHaz Solutions, on the other hand, go above and above to ensure that your information is secure at all times. Items are collected in closed containers until the appointed service time, at which point they are destroyed in a secure shred facility. This lowers the number of people who have direct access to the information, providing additional protection during the destruction process.

In addition, all items are cross-shredded to ensure that they are completely unreadable. This process destroys confidential information so that it can never be reconstructed or used for identity theft or fraud. TriHaz Solutions takes data security seriously, and our shredding services reflect that commitment.

Save Valuable Time

Document shredding is a process every type of medical facility needs to think about. However, papers frequently pile up due to the time it would take an administrative person to run them through a tiny desktop shredder. Secure shredding systems like ours enable huge batch shredding at once, and periodic servicing ensures that your data is frequently shredded and does not pile up over time.

Certificate of Destruction

In addition to periodic maintenance, TriHaz Solutions provides a certificate of destruction, which includes the date and time of the service, so you have a record of the security precautions you take to protect your patients’  information.

Protect Your Patient’s and Staff’s Private Information

Easy and convenient scheduled pick-ups help ensure data security. Your confidential documents will be:

  • Handled and/or picked up by our uniformed service representative
  • Placed in a locked container
  • Securely locked in one of our trucks
  • Transported to our secure facility
  • Shredded in accordance with NAID standards

Finally, a certificate of destruction is provided for complete security and compliance.

Secure Document Storage with Collection Containers

Industry best document collection containers are built for durability, security, and ease of use.

35" Document Cabinet

65 and 95 Gallon Carts

Know the Rules

Did you know that improper disposal of PHI is among the ten most common HIPAA violations? It can result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines. Also, FACTA requires businesses to protect clients from business theft and fraud.


Scheduled Document Shredding Service

Our ongoing scheduled document shredding service is designed to make things easy for you. We’ll come to your office on a regular basis and pick up your documents for shredding. This way, you can focus on running your business without worrying about shredding your documents yourself.

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