Hazardous Waste Services

Obtain all of your hazardous waste, employee safety training, and compliance training needs from one, local service provider.

Common Hazardous Waste Problems We Can Solve

Managing Multiple Vendors

When new waste needs arise that your current waste provider doesn’t offer, shuffling multiple vendors and unfamiliar faces in and out of your facility can cause unnecessary disruptions in your plant.

Finding Simple Solutions

Since all plants have unique processes in place, it can make problem-solving more difficult. It’s hard to obtain help with your hazardous waste related problems if you have to call a 1-800 number and speak to a representative you’ve never met.

Long Waste Travel Time

Your facility is responsible for its hazardous waste from the moment generated until disposal. So your facility’s liability increases with every extra mile your waste has to travel.

Do these issues sound familiar?

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What Makes TriHaz Solutions Different

On-site Consultations

We know hazardous waste can be complicated, but we're here to help. We offer waste consultation to help you profile your waste and develop a plan that minimizes your plant's waste-related risks going forward.

Familiar Faces

We train multiple drivers on your route so that you have the comfort of a familiar face and the peace of mind of a consistent pickup process.

Designated Account Manager

You have a direct contact who can be reached at any time with any compliance or waste-related questions and issues. We do not use call centers!

Fewer and Less Obtrusive Pickups

We don’t want to disrupt your workday. We provide the smallest amount of pickups possible for all of your variations of hazardous waste and pharmaceutical waste. And we purposefully select the least disruptive waste pickup location and remain as low-profile as possible during pickups. This reduces your plant’s disruptions and increases your facility's operational efficiency.

Complete Compliance Solution

In addition to our complete hazardous waste service offerings, we provide you and your employees with OSHA, EPA, and DOT compliance training and state-by-state regulatory resources.

Plus, our compliance solution includes a safety plan builder and SDS library management to help you build documentation and safety data sheets to remain compliant.

Meet a few of our top sales representatives—our customers.

”TriHaz Solutions is able to competently handle the large volume of medical, chemical, and pharmaceutical waste produced by our hospital system. They are efficient and timely, and we trust them to do what they say they will do.”

David Crump
Director of Environmental Services, Huntsville Hospital System

”We use TriHaz Solutions for disposal of flammable liquids. Besides the fact that they are reliable and easy to do business with, we have no worries about proper handling and disposal after the hazardous waste leaves our laboratory.”

Mark A. Evans
Client Services Coordinator, Pathology Associates

”We are a smaller customer, requiring a pickup only every other week or so. However, we are treated as a valued customer and appreciate the timely, dependable service we receive.”

Dr. Allen Campbell
Medical Director, QuickCare Clinic

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Our Process

  • Even before you become our customer, we will meet with you to discuss your waste needs, identify cost savings, and discuss compliance solutions.
  • Once you partner with us, we put an employee safety and compliance training program in place to help you exceed federal and state regulations.
  • To maximize your facility’s operating efficiencies, find the most convenient and least disruptive waste pickup location at your plant for all of your variations of hazardous waste streams. We also set a pickup frequency that works best for your facility.
  • Since we are serious about remaining compliant with regulations, we always provide you with proper documentation after every pickup.
  • After we pick up the hazardous waste from your facility, your risk is minimized because we promptly transport, treat, and dispose of it according to all state and federal compliance standards.
  • We rigorously sterilize all waste containers after each and every use to prevent contamination.
  • If at any point in the process there is an issue or you have questions, you can simply pick up the phone and call your designated account manager on his/her office or cell phone.

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