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Sharps Waste Disposal

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We are a licensed medical waste contractor for the proper management of medical sharps, needles, and syringes. Our innovative medical sharps disposal service ensures timely pickups and transparent pricing.


Sharps Management System – Reusable Sharps

Properly Manage Sharps Waste

How are you managing your sharps? In order to avoid fines and penalties, sharps waste must be packaged in rigid, lead-proof containers that are properly labeled. When these containers are disposed and not reused, the environmental impact is significant. Also, managing large quantities of sharps containers increase exposure and risk of needlestick injuries for your staff and patients.


Dispose of Sharps Safely and Efficiently with TriHaz Exchange™

The safe, sustainable Sharps Management System

We help make sharps waste disposal effortless for your staff. Disposing of needles, syringes, and other sharps is safe and easy with our TriHazExchange™ system. Simply put, less handling means less risk. Reducing exposure for your staff and your patients can help prevent needlestick injuries, reduce infection risks, and improve outcomes. Plus, your staff’s workload is decreased because our sharps technicians completely handle the exchange of sharps containers. That means more time to focus on patient care.

Sharps Containers

We can help reduce your waste with our safe, sustainable system. After we dispose of the waste inside the sharps containers, they are sanitized at our medical waste treatment facility, before being returned into inventory for reuse. By reusing containers, large amounts of plastic are diverted from landfills and your carbon footprint is reduced.

Each reusable sharps management system is tailored to your needs and may include:

      • 2-gallon and 3-gallon reusable sharps containers
      • 10-gallon and 17-gallon reusable sharps containers
      • Pickup and exchange of containers
      • Proper treatment of waste
      • Certificate of destruction

2 gallon and 3 gallon containers are used for desk top or wall mount applications.

10 and 17 gallon containers sit in wire carts and are perfect for high volume areas such as operating rooms.

Safe and Secure

Less needlesticks and reduced exposure

Hassle-free & Economical

Improved container management and collection efficiency

Environmentally Friendly

Plastic diverted from medical waste stream


Sharps Management – Disposable Sharps

Medical Waste Disposal and Sharps Management

Disposing of sharps properly can be a real challenge in the medical waste disposal process. Understanding the dangers of improper sharps management is a crucial step in keeping everyone at your facility (not just those who handle them) safe.


How do you dispose of sharps?

As a small quantity generator, you need to make sure you dispose of sharps correctly. In order to avoid fines and penalties, sharps waste must be packaged in rigid, leak-proof containers that are properly labeled. Disposing of needles, syringes, and other sharps is easy with our Tri-Sharp™ system.


The safe, economical sharps disposal system for small quantity generators.

     Each sharps disposal system includes:

    • One 18-gallon hazardous waste box (Can be used for regulated medical waste.)
    • Four 2-gallon sharps containers per box
    • Pickup (annual or will-call)
    • Proper treatment of waste
    • Proof of disposal

    Ideal for small quantity generators:

      • Dental Practices
      • Funeral homes
      • Small medical practices
      • Tattoo parlors
      • Veterinary practices

    Call 256-464-2546 to order your Tri-Sharp™ system
    Pre-paid $99.99


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