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TriHaz Solutions is committed to help protect your patient’s privacy by ensuring that your confidential documents are properly destroyed. Our shredding service helps safeguard private information and maintain compliance, delivering peace of mind. 


“The Orthopaedic Center has 21 locations across Alabama and Tennessee, and TriHaz Solutions has managed our medical waste for several years. They are very responsive – “Johnny-on-the-spot” whenever I need to add a service or have a question! Before TriHaz, we had to use several vendors for our different locations, and with their bundled services, we can include secure document destruction. This is much more efficient, with one pickup and one invoice. Plus, we have no worries about compliance since our waste is being properly transported, treated, and disposed.” 

Jeremy Gaertner
Clinical Director, The Orthopaedic Center (TOC)

Why Our Shredding Services?

Highly Qualified

Our team is highly qualified and has the experience to get the job done right. With years of experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you with your specific needs.

Reliability & Safety

When you work with TriHaz Solutions for your shredding requirements you’re working with a reliable partner who can help you reduce risk for your patients and employees.

We offer staff compliance training for your staff regarding OSHA, DOT, and HIPAA. This is important to ensure that your staff is up-to-date on the latest compliance regulations.

Shredding Services Near Me

If you have a business, you know how important it is to keep confidential documents safe. Medical practices know patient health information (PHI) must be protected. But what do you do with old files that take up valuable space in your office or storage areas? Shredding service from TriHaz Solutions is the smart solution! We will come to your office on a regular basis to pick up and transport documents for destruction or do a one-time cleanout. 

Secure Shredding Services in Huntsville

Trusted By Hospitals, Medical Practices and Industries throughout the Southeast

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Shredding Service When You Need It​

TriHaz Solutions’ one-time shredding service is a great solution for those who have a one-time need for document destruction. This service is ideal for medical facilities that need an annual cleanout of records that are no longer required to be stored by HIPPA or the IRS. A purge is also useful for businesses that are downsizing, relocating, or going through a merger or acquisition. Our one-time shredding service is quick and efficient. Our uniformed service representative will arrive at your location to securely transport your documents for shredding. You will receive a certificate of destruction after the job is complete. If you have a one-time need for document destruction, our one-time shredding service is the smart solution!

How Safe Are Shredding Services?

Shredding services are generally very safe, employing rigorous standards to ensure the confidentiality and security of your documents. Most reputable shredding companies adhere to national security standards and may also be certified by industry organizations, such as the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID). These services typically offer both on-site and off-site shredding options, with secure handling processes to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information until it is destroyed. They also provide certificates of destruction as proof that the documents have been securely shredded.

Who Needs Paper Shredding Services?

Paper shredding services are essential for individuals and organizations looking to protect sensitive information from identity theft, corporate espionage, and compliance with privacy laws. This includes:
  • Businesses of all sizes that handle customer data, financial records, or proprietary information.
  • Healthcare providers, who deal with patient records and must comply with regulations like HIPAA.
  • Financial institutions, including banks and investment firms, with access to financial data.
  • Government agencies and non-profits that manage personal information.
  • Individuals with personal documents they wish to safely dispose of, like bank statements, tax returns, or any paperwork containing personal information.

How Do Shredding Services Work?

Shredding services can be broadly categorized into two types: on-site (mobile) and off-site (plant-based) shredding.
  • Off-site shredding is when documents are transported in locked containers to a secure facility for destruction. The shredding is carried out in a controlled environment, monitored by surveillance cameras.
Both services follow a chain of custody protocol to ensure document security from collection to destruction, and they provide a certificate of destruction once the process is complete.

How Do You Destroy a Large Amount of Paper?

Destroying a large amount of paper efficiently and securely often requires utilizing a professional shredding service. These services can handle substantial volumes of paper and ensure the materials are recycled after destruction, making them a practical and environmentally responsible option. For those looking to destroy large amounts of paper without professional help, it’s important to consider the limitations of home or office shredders, which may overheat or require frequent maintenance with heavy use. Additionally, for eco-friendly disposal, shredded paper should be taken to a recycling center that accepts post-shredded materials, as not all facilities can process them.

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