Pharma Waste Handling in Nursing Homes

Here are the things to consider to be certain pharmaceutical waste is in compliance with EPA regulations and being handled safely at your nursing home

Pharma: Controlled or Not Controlled, That is the Question

Pharma: Controlled or Not Controlled, That is the Question

There are a lot of pharmaceuticals on the market today, which can certainly make it difficult to be sure your facility is managing pharmaceutical waste properly. Perhaps the most important thing to be clear on when it comes to pharma waste is the difference between how controlled pharmaceutical drugs and non-controlled ones must be handled […]

Blue Waste Bin In Hospital

Blue Waste Bin In Hospital

Your main focus is patient care and making sure things run smoothly in your medical facility to facilitate the highest level of care for your patients. You and your staff need everyday processes and procedures standardized and simplified as much as possible in order to focus on patient care. We’re doing this series of articles […]

What Goes in the Black Bin?

What Goes in the Black Bin

Partnering with a fully certified and permitted medical waste service provider is one of the best ways to ensure that your practice’s regulated medical waste is handled correctly. Properly segregating the waste is an important consideration in preparing, storing, and transporting medical waste. When you categorize medical waste correctly, you isolate each type to ensure […]

Pharmaceutical Waste Examples

Pharmaceutical waste is a source of concern for many medical facilities, so how do you manage it effectively? Learn more by reading our latest post now.

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