The Cost of Medical Waste Disposal

Managers in medical facilities face a common dilemma: how to dispose of their medical waste safely and properly. Government regulations on a state and federal level determine the way that you dispose of anything that is considered regulated medical waste. These requirements decrease the risks associated with certain waste materials in the disposal process, but can be costly for your facility. By getting your medical waste disposal program in check now, you can get your facility in a position to quickly react to any regulatory changes, while reducing operating expenses and risk at the same time. Use the following tips by TriHaz Solutions to optimize your policies and procedures.

Cost Medical Waste Disposal

The cost of medical waste disposal can vary significantly depending on the methods used and the regulatory requirements that need to be met. Traditional methods such as incineration and chemical treatment can be costly due to high energy requirements and the need for specialized handling and neutralization processes. On the other hand, autoclaving presents a cost-effective alternative, particularly because it utilizes steam and pressure, which are less resource-intensive compared to burning or chemical processing. Additionally, the reduced environmental impact of autoclaving can lead to fewer regulatory fines and compliance costs. However, the overall expense is also influenced by factors such as the volume of waste, transportation costs, and local disposal fees, making efficient waste management practices critical for controlling costs in healthcare waste disposal.

Bundle Training With Medical Waste Disposal Services

Your staff must handle medical waste on a daily basis. They act as your front line when it comes to sorting materials into the appropriate streams and keeping out non-medical waste. They need proper training to know how to safely and effectively perform these types of duties.

Many medical waste disposal service providers are happy to assist with training for OSHA, HazCOM, HIPAA, Sharps, and state-specific DOT compliance. Take advantage of their expertise and experience by asking if they offer a training bundle with their other services. These service providers deal with the regulations every day, so they have invaluable hands-on knowledge that clarifies the documented requirements.

Schedule training sessions regularly to bring new staff members up to speed on your medical waste disposal processes and requirements, while refreshing the memory of people who have already completed the training.

Another way you save money with this approach is through service bundling. Your medical disposal service provider may offer a discount when you purchase both compliance training and medical waste management services. The short- and long-term financial benefits can be significant, especially when you consider the penalties that occur if you fall out of compliance.

Develop Proper Medical Waste Disposal Procedures

Handling your medical facility’s disposal process on your own is nearly impossible and cost prohibitive. A medical waste disposal service provider has the specialized resources and expertise required to turn your procedures from costly to cost-effective. You must comply with federal and state regulations, and keeping on top of this changing, and sometimes vague, list is difficult.

A medical waste disposal service provider helps guide your standards and procedures to accommodate all of the necessary requirements. You don’t have to worry about mixing waste into the wrong stream or failing to comply with the guidelines for infectious materials, for example Since you’re juggling at least six categories of medical waste when it comes to disposal, getting this expert help is essential to optimizing the process.

Choose a Medical Waste Management Company With Excellent Customer Service

Time is money, and you already have enough to deal with on a daily basis in your medical facility. You don’t want staff members’ valuable time taken up with frustrating phone calls and emails to resolve issues with your facility’s medical waste disposal service provider. You can proactively avoid this time-consuming problem by working with a company that is known for its excellent customer service.

Research the medical waste disposal service online, read reviews and testimonials, and ask other medical facilities about their experiences with the providers you are researching. When you talk to them directly, ask about licensing, where they will treat your medical waste, and renewal rates. You’ll get a feel for how they conduct their business and whether or not they’re a good fit for your facility.

Avoid Penalties for DOT or DNR Violations

Many regulations and laws govern how you handle and dispose of regulated medical waste, with penalties ranging from civil fines to criminal charges in the event of non-compliance.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and state agencies cover various elements of medical waste disposal. Some of these regulations may overlap, depending on your region, and following everything as closely as possible is the best way to avoid any fines.

Get Recommendations for Medical Waste Containers

Your medical waste disposal service can provide you with all the information you need to buy the right containers for your facility’s needs. They’ll take your storage capacity into account, along with the pickup schedule that you’ve requested for your medical waste.

A reputable medical waste disposal service will also advise you on how to secure your containers so authorized personnel are the only ones who have access to them.

By putting these tips into practice at your medical facility, you can reduce the amount of medical waste you generate, avoid penalties and fines, reduce risks to staff members and patients, and save money on your disposal fees.


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